Real Estate Visualization and Marketing


Real Estate Visualization and Marketing

xTend is a next-generation proptech solution for property visualization and real estate marketing, which moves the boundaries of the sales process into virtual space.

Real estate investors and developers can showcase their new construction properties – inside and out, even before they are built. Meanwhile, home buyers and commercial property customers can use virtual reality to see their new place from the smallest interior detail to how it fits in its surroundings.

xTend comes with multiple options for property marketing, from full customization and branding on the platform to easy showcasing of yet-to-be-built assets on fairs, in marketing campaigns, and more. 

The platform also provides a new sales channel which allows for mass sales and helps accelerate purchase decision making and increasing sales pipeline closure rates. 


Your New and Advanced Marketing and Sales Tool

Innovative Distribution

Overcome social distancing, geographical and time constraints, build trust with your clients, and make your footprint in the digital age.

Fit Into Different Lifestyles

Provide value and time to your customers’ property buying decision-making process, emphasize emotions, and make understanding of architectural plans easier.

Boost Fundraising & Revenue

Ease investment support and communication with banks, increase pre-income from your customers, and achieve a premium price.

Revolutionize Sales

Use xTend as a new sales channel, a tool for mass sales, and as an assistant in speeding up deal-closing from your sales pipeline.


Visualizing Residential and Commercial Property – Inside and Out

xTend visualizes various types of real estate based on your documentation and personalization requirements, all the way from property exterior and its surroundings down to every part that your customers want to see once they open the door to take a virtual tour.

[The App]

xTend App for Your Clients

Your clients can easily download and install the xTend RE (Real Estate Expo) app from marketplaces and just as easily register and use it on any device.

The app is tailored for real estate property customers to whom you can present their future home or commercial property in a way that they can appreciate it as if it was a real-life tour.

Download and Install

Your customers can easily download the app from app stores and install it on their devices, whether they are using Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

Registration and Profile

To use the app and see your company’s data and assets, users need to register and create a profile.

Browse and Play

After successful registration, your customers can explore your offer through an easy-to-use interface.


Marketing, Analytics and Sales

  • Branding

    Branding matters, so you can add all the basic visual material and brand data that your customers can connect you with while using the app.

  • Catalog Management

    Use specialized tools on the client portal to smoothly change images, titles, and descriptions of your real estate, and manage availability statuses.

  • Lead Management

    Allow your customers to access your real estate content in private by inviting them via email, or generate public access codes for anyone to use.

  • Analytics

    Track all relevant data, including key behavioral parameters of your customer base and stay up to date with your real estate popularity.

[One stop shop]

What Do You Get From Us?

New Sales Channel

All your real estate projects, digitalized and available through xTend RE apps for your sales team to use on your NEW SALES CHANNEL.

Photo Renders

Photo renders that you will need for your marketing, website, and social media channels.

Video Renders

Raw video renders and stunning and ready-to-use video clips for your marketing team.


Printable or PDF brochures because, after all, there are still moments when you will need to have those.


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