Manage and Track App with Client Portal


Define Your Own Design Standards

Manage Appearance

Manage your logo, background images, and colors to align your company's appearance with your branding standards.

Manage Splash Screen

Manage splash screen images and messages that will be shown to your customers during loading time.

Manage Default Content

Manage default images that will be shown on the catalog user interface, if you did not apply them on the catalog module.

Manage Languages

Define default and additional languages that will be supported for your customers in the xTend RE App.

[Catalog Management]

Manage Your Properties Offer in Detail


Manage descriptions and images for collections of properties.


Manage images and description details for a specific property.


Manage parameters of an area, rooms, bathrooms, etc.


Manage parameters of property availability.

[Lead management]

Easily Onboard Your Customers

Privacy and Access

We support two different types of access, public and private, which can work together. If your privacy matters, only allow access for users with an invitation. With public access, you can allow campaigning through partner portal and generate access codes that can be used in marketing campaigns, fairs, etc.

Invite Customers via Email

If you want to control access, you can use the client portal to directly invite your leads via email and a private access code.

Marketing Campaigns

Generate a camping promo code in the client portal for use in your online or offline campaigns, and allow all your prospects to become customers.


Easily Track and Analyze Your Prospects' Behavior


Track key performance indicators such as total clients, visitors in the previous period, and stay up to date with engagement of your sales staff as well as your clients.

Customer Statistics

Track the onboarding process and invitation statistics of your customers, get insights into interests of different demographic groups and how many devices they use.

Usage Statistics

Track usage statistics, users' interests and progress they made in the app, as well as their last activities.

Real Estate Statistics

Track the popularity of your catalogs and real estate through analyzing favorite lists that users made while using the app.

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