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Five Ways to Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

Even in the best of times, selling a new construction property can be a tricky thing to navigate, from the moment you start marketing the real estate to getting a firm offer – and preferably at a premium price.

With a surge in costs of construction combined with unfavorable market conditions in some areas, such as high competition or low demand, it becomes even harder. Not to mention the frustration of having a property advertised for a while with no concrete prospects in sight.

Still, there are things you can do to grab the attention of potential buyers more easily and keep your property on top of their minds, regardless of whether you are a real estate investor, developer, or a real estate agency.

Here, we will give you five ways to boost your online real estate marketing:

1. Take Visualization to the Next Level

Showcasing your planned house or apartment building with 3D and photorealistic image renders, 360 views, walkthrough and flythrough videos is the best way to present a property, but this on its own no longer cuts it.

Giving your potential buyers the ability to actually walk around, climb the stairs, exit the door, and lean through the window can simulate the experience of an open house more closely. And, if you provide them with a more fun and engaging way of doing it, the better.

Tours in virtual reality can give buyers a more realistic sense of the architectural plans and how they will transit from one room to another in real life.

For those selling new construction properties that are yet to be built, we do not need to emphasize the importance of architectural visualization and online marketing which – if done right – can move buyers from browsing to placing an offer very quickly.

2. Have All Details Easily Accessible 

As we recently wrote in another post (you can check out that one here), the second most important thing for buyers in their online quest for a new home – right after virtual tours – is the availability of property information and details.

Making all the details visible upon the touch of a finger while a buyer is touring the property virtually, instead of making them go back and forth between the visuals and the information page, can help keep the focus on your real estate.

This is especially important as home browsing becomes overwhelming after a point, with all the options and abundance of information, and switching between multiple pages and entries. Having everything more easily accessible can help with people returning to your property since it is much simpler to use.

3. Communicate Credibility

For first-time property buyers and those buying from you for the first time, it is paramount that they know that you as a real estate investor, property developer, or real estate agency are a trusted entity with accountability.

In the online world, you communicate this through your branding and company information, and this is what every aspect of your online / digital presence should reflect. This includes your entry on a real estate listing website, your own website, emails, social media pages, and everything else.

This is also what your real estate visualization should incorporate, regardless of your renders being on your own pages. Once a buyer starts looking at the visuals or taking a virtual tour, your logo, brand colors and company details should be in the viewpoint at least once.

This way, people who browse through multiple properties can more easily remember the link between the company and a property they saw and navigate back to it later.

4. Keep Better Track of the Funnel

Do you know from where all your online visitors are, what their intent is and how likely they are to consider placing an offer?

Having real estate advertised on external online channels can make it difficult to make sense of all the data, or even to access all user statistics. Moreover, advertising your property through multiple online platforms can bring a vast collection of data that might or might not be relevant to your sales efforts, all categorized differently, depending on the platform.

So, how do you steer through all this information to analyze it in one place?

While it is good to have the overall visit statistics, the best way is to zoom into user analytics that signal intent and assign all data that is closer to purchase to the right funnel level.

This way, your sales team can move faster by having the right historical data, and your marketing team can adjust the strategy to be more focused, instead of casting a very wide net.

5. Up Your Real Estate Listing Game

Even if your real estate is featured on a listing website or your public social media page, you can make the experience exclusive for your potential buyers.

Exclusivity is something that can work in favor of both you and your buyers. For buyers, having exclusive access to something can signal priority, luxury, and access to information few others have. For property developers, investors, and real estate agencies, bringing potential buyers to a single-point online entry can mark a very specific point in the funnel, from which a clear marketing and sales approach can be employed.

This exclusive access can be a link to a landing page with a preview of upcoming properties or a dedicated website page with virtual tours, accessible to users who sign in.

With all the above in mind, we developed our xTend RE app. You can have potential buyers browsing numerous properties click a link to download the app, sign in with a code you made and access your real estate catalogs, individual properties, and take virtual tours.

Instead of continuing to browse on listing websites, home buyers now have an app on their phone that contains only your properties and offers them an all-encompassing home buying experience: from climbing up the stairs to see the second floor, to exploring floorplan details and property information.

Accompanied with a client portal, real estate investors, property developers, and real estate agencies can track user data, send emails to visitors, and modify in-app branding.

Contact xTend Solutions at info@xtend-solutions.io and we will be happy to present all the capabilities of our app.