An image showing xTend RE app in property play mode

Game Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success

Looking for a more cost-efficient way to generate real estate leads? How about for an easier way to visualize your properties and offer interactive tours to potential buyers hundreds of miles away?

Today’s consumers have unprecedented access to information and technology that can help them buy homes and commercial properties. To gain the competitive edge in real estate sales, you need to be able to market your properties in the right way and connect with all types of buyers. 

xTend Solutions transforms properties that are not yet built into visual assets available for virtual tours, driving more traffic and increasing your sales with built-in marketing functionalities.

We have developed a new tool that helps you visualize and market property by using the latest technologies so that you can take your business to the next level. 

A Fresh New Way to Get Clients in The Door  

The xTend platform is the product of a new way of thinking about selling real estate, combining architectural visualization, the power of gaming, and marketing features 

First, we took into account that virtual tours can help boost sales by increasing the number of qualified leads and the overall conversion rate, as they are a great way to showcase properties to potential buyers who cannot physically visit them.  

They also give buyers a chance to walk around a home and see it from different angles while helping sellers present properties more effectively while minimizing buyer objections.  

Next, we needed to make this as easy as possible for the end users, the property buyers, whether they are buying residential or commercial real estate. This is where our xTend RE app came in, bringing the entire process down to how we use our smartphones on an everyday basis.  

This resulted in an easy-to-use mobile and desktop app which not only makes it possible to tour properties inside and out in an interactive way, but also allows accessing all necessary information and details a buyer needs – making it that much easier for both parties. 

Behind the app, there is a just as simple client portal, where real estate investors, development and construction companies, and property sellers can tap into several functionalities to boost their marketing and sales efforts.  

The Only Game You’ll Ever Need 

As an all-in-one solution, the xTend platform can help you streamline and speed-up some of your business processes, including prospecting, marketing, lead generation, and sales closure. 

Getting the real estate digitalized and then obtaining imagery to include it in newsletter and social media posts takes a lot of work in itself – and that’s aside from compiling user data from several different channels and analyzing that information to support sales operations, which is an endeavor of its own. 

We wanted to make life easier for our clients by bringing those tasks together under one roof. 

The tools available within the client portal enable creating access codes to share with the audience you want and where you want, be it on social media and newsletters, or at trade fairs. The xTend platform also has a built-in email system through which you can send invitations to certain clients or groups.  

We have also made tracking user data and behavior as effortless as possible, with an overview of user data to detailed information per each user.  

Options for getting visuals for your website and marketing channels are countless with properties already digitalized and put into the virtual reality setting. All you need is to create videos and images from the existing digital assets, or we can deliver them for you. 

On top of this, we have also thought about offline marketing, for which xTend can deliver print-ready material such as brochures and flyers in PDF and other formats. 

As the real estate market continues to evolve, so must all of us with our marketing strategies. By being innovative, being on the forefront of technology, and keeping up with trends, we can help our clients stay ahead of the competition.