A logo of the Bljesak.info news site, with which xTend had an interview following platform launch

The Story Behind xTend Solutions – Interview with Bljesak.info

Following the introduction of the xTend platform at the fourth NEXT Conference, we had an interview with the Bljesak.info news site, which resulted in quite an interesting story about how the xTend idea was born and everything that happened after that:

Imagine sitting down for coffee with a friend and choosing an apartment you want to buy on your smartphone. Then, you start picking out floor surfaces for the living room and bedrooms, then tiles for the kitchen and bathroom, the color of the walls, or the facade if you are buying a house – everything you want for your new home. Simply put – you become the one creating an apartment according to your wishes. Sounds unreal?

This was exactly what Marin Jozić, the owner of COX 4 d.o.o. (COX 4 Ltd.) from Mostar, had in mind while creating the xTend platform, a unique and innovative real estate visualization and marketing tool that was first presented to the public at the NEXT Conference organized by Linnovate Technology Park, one of whose four founders is Jozić himself.

The xTend platform was created in part in Linnovate’s incubator and, apart from being a robust property visualization solution, it is also a marketing tool that pushes the boundaries of the real estate sales process into the virtual space. The xTend platform customizes the look and feel of the future property according to your requirements. Based on your instructions, materials corresponding to those the property will have once built are implemented on all surfaces.

The idea for this proptech solution was born in the spring of 2015, not long after Marin Jozić started his own private company. And it was first created upon a request from an Arabian sheik. 

Read the full interview (in translate mode) by clicking THIS LINK to the story on Bljesak.info.