A photo from the NEXT Conference during xTend Solutions founder's speech

xTend Introduced at 4th NEXT Conference

We launched our xTend real estate visualization and marketing tool at this year’s NEXT Conference, held by Linnovate Technology Park (Linnovate TP) on September 25 at a unique outdoor venue in Livno.

The event was chosen as the ideal place to introduce xTend for the first time since the most creative part of the tool was designed and developed in Livno. The NEXT Conference also provided a symbolic aspect for xTend Solutions, as everything that comes next after a product launch is now well underway.

Being the first innovation to come out under the umbrella of the Linnovate TP incubator, xTend is now leaping forward with its next-generation solution for property visualization, marketing, and sales.

In the presence of entrepreneurs and company representatives, as well as city, municipal, and cantonal officials, xTend Solutions’ founder Marin Jozić detailed on the platform’s development and the advantages it brings to the real estate market, especially in the new construction segment.

Next-Gen Real Estate Visualization and Marketing Tool

The xTend platform is designed to encompass all the features needed to foster the purchase experience of real estate customers while providing an all-in-one solution for presenting, marketing, and selling properties to our clients.

Led by the ease-of-use as one of our main principles, the tool was developed to offer various viewing and navigation options for property buyers and multiple visualization, marketing and analytics possibilities for real estate investors and property sellers.

With four different navigation modes (walk, auto, portal, and camera) and choosing between the day and night scene, viewing a property that is yet to be built has never been easier.

Going inside, buyers can feel right at home with various interior elements, personalized materials, openings, and custom-built terrains.

For xTend Solutions, the days of print materials and standard property visualization are behind us, as buyers can now view their potential new properties inside and out at the tip of their fingers.

The xTend tool is available to everyone and on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.