NEXT Conference

xTend Product Launch – NEXT Conference

The fourth NEXT Conference, organized by Linnovate Technology Park, is set to kick off at 11 am on September 25, 2021. This will be the first time a conference in Livno is held outdoors, as the event will be taking place on the plateau behind the People’s University. 

This will also be the first time an innovation developed under the umbrella of the Linnovate TP incubator is presented. At this somewhat unique setting, we will launch xTend – our innovative tool for real estate. 

xTend is a next-generation visualization and marketing platform for the real estate market that moves the boundaries of the sales process into virtual space. 

Taking Real Estate Visualization and Marketing to Next Level

We have tailored all features to foster the purchase experience of real estate customers. At the same time, our clients can use full customization and branding capabilities through the client portal. 

Taking property presentation to the next level, we are visualizing indoor elements, personalized materials, openings, and custom-built terrains. On top of that, all real estate viewing is available in both day and night scene. 

Furthermore, to make sure that all future buyers will enjoy using xTend, we developed four different navigation modes: walk, auto, portal, and camera. 

With our tool, clients can replace boring printing materials and provide customers with digital catalogs available on their smartphones. We have designed xTend to be available to everyone and on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

As for the NEXT Conference, we have chosen the event for our product launch as it is the ideal place to tell our story for the first time. Namely, our founder is from Livno and the most creative part of the product was designed and developed there. 

To hear the full story behind the product and to test it, join us at the conference! And for all others, Linnovate will organize a live event on their official YouTube channel. Join us and be up to date with the upcoming trends in the real estate sector!